Central U.S. Daily Direct Feedlot Slaughter Cattle Report
SJ LS831
St. Joseph, MO	Fri May 19, 2017	USDA Market News Service

Central U.S. Daily Direct Feedlot Slaughter Cattle Report as of 3:55 PM

Today�s Reported Sales Volume:        none    
Today�s Estimated Sales Volume:       none   
On Friday trade was mostly inactive on light demand in all feeding regions. Friday 
afternoon boxed beef cutout values were steady on light to moderate demand and 
moderate offerings. Choice was down .07 at 247.14 with Select down .24 to close at 
221.42 on 89 loads. The hide and offal value from typical fed cattle for today was 
estimated at 11.28 per cwt live, down 0.06 from Thursday's value. The estimated 
cattle slaughter for Friday was at 110,000 head with 41,000 on Saturday with a week 
to date estimate of 602,000. June CME live cattle contracts were up .52 to settle at 
            LIVE                    DRESSED                 DRESSED
            STEER/HEIFER            STEER/HEIFER            STEER/HEIFER
            (CASH)                  (CASH)                  (GRID BASE)
TX/OK/NM    None                     None                       None         
KANSAS      None                     None                       None         
NEBRASKA    None                     None                       None         
COLORADO    None                     None                       None         
IOWA        None                     None                       None         

NOTE: For complete sales volume, price ranges and weighted averages, 
refer to the Mandatory reports on the following web site and links: 

All Negotiated grid based sales reported through the Mandatory reporting 
program by packers are currently included under the National Daily Direct 
Slaughter Cattle Negotiated Purchases Reports as base prices and again on the 
National Daily Direct Slaughter Cattle Formula Purchases Reports as net prices.

Included in this report are negotiated cash and negotiated grid prices 
and volume collected from feedlots or their representatives cooperating on a 
voluntary basis. 

This report will be released at 3:30pm daily and more frequently during 
active trading periods.

Source:  USDA Market News Service, St. Joseph, MO
         Ph: 816-676-7000  email: stjoe.lpgmn@ams.usda.gov

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